About Templates and Guiding Prompts

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With our diverse range of interests and majors at Laguardia, students need different types of ePortfolios. General templates are based on the number of credits a student has (if it's less than 45 credits, use the Introductory template, and if it's 45 or over, use the Advanced template). Program-specific templates provide portfolio sections for specific majors. For example, Fine Arts templates include an Artist Statement section, while Nursing templates include a Nursing Philosophy Statement.


Guiding Prompts

Faculty have developed guiding prompts, a set of thought-provoking questions to be used in conjunction with the Introductory and Advanced ePortfolio templates. These prompts can be useful for faculty to adapt to the needs of their students in conjunction with course learning objectives. They help foster students critical thinking and analytic abilities.The guiding prompts are available when students log in to the ePortfolio workspace.

Guiding Prompts are available here: