Surveys and Forms for Students

students working on their ePortfolios


Release Forms

  • 1. ePortfolio Release Form (PDF) (Word Version)
    Students will sign the release form to allow the faculty member and the LaGuardia Center for Teaching and Learning to share their ePortfolios in professional venues to demonstrate the work of LaGuardia students and advance a broader understanding of the role of ePortfolios in teaching and learning. Click here to fill out the release form Online.


SURVEYS for Student Evaluation of Consultant

  • 2. Student Evaluation of Consultant
    With students' help, we know how well ePortfolio instructors conduct the studio hours and if there are areas they can improve on. Using the scale provided, students mark the appropriate circle that corresponds to how students would rate their instructor on each of the criteria.


ePortfolio Studio Lab Sign-In Form


ePortfolio Login Issue Request Form