Polish falg

           Welcome to my ePortfolio. My name is Mateusz Mieszkowicz and I'm a student on the LaGuardia Community College right now. I was born in Poland and I’ve moved to United States of America 3 years ago. Right now I'm living on Ridgewood, Queens, which in my opinion is very good place to live.

            I have few things that I'm interested in. First one and the most important one is sport. Every day I spend at least 1 hour to look up on sports news. Sometimes, if I have time, I also like to play few of them. Soccer, basketball, tennis are my favorite ones. I also love to watch baseball games, because I'm a Yankees big fan. I also enjoy playing TV games. Some people can say that I'm too old to do it, but I don't care. I also like spend some time on the computer exploring new programs.

According to me LaGuardia CC is very nice and clean college. Also in my opinion faculty and staff are very good. I enjoy every class in this school, because they are very interesting and professors have never made me fall asleep.

            I would like everybody to view my whole ePortfolio, because you can find on it information about me and about my college. I hope everybody will enjoy it.

My E-portfolio Reflection (doc)

LaGuardia Community College
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