Welcome to My World


My name is Farhana Khondokar and I am a student at LaGuardia Community College as a business major. I think e-portfolio is one of the best ways to express my selves, collect my work and make a plan for the future. During this process we can realize our efforts, gain computer skills and organize our salve. I believed that its a better way to represent ourselves to someone else. My experience with e Portfolio at LaGuardia has introduced me who I am, what I want to be, and how I can accomplish my goals.

I invite all of you to see my e-portfolio and it would be a great pleasure for me if you'll take a look at my Classes & Projects and Resume Pages to learn about some of the projects that I've done so far. I'd also like you to take a look at my About Me page so you can learn about who I am.


My e-Portfolio Reflection: I find portfolio is a kind of diary for me in which I can write my classes experience, express my learning process and shear some sweet memories from my past classes. At the first time when I knew about portfolio from my CEP professor Miss. kindichi, I did not think that one day I would have selected as an e-portfolio scholar. It's being really a great pleasure for me to attend the scholar project and have a chance to gain lot of knowledge form this workshop. I am very grateful to our project instructor Miss. Mike Masuda as well as the tutors especially Mr. Mikhail and Mr.Thomas, who have really help me to understand the technical and professional effects of the e-portfolio. In my e-portfolio I have created all most 12 classes and have two projects for each class. I have some power point projects, essays and a digital story by using movie maker. I have share some memorable pictures with my professors and classmates. Though I have very few working experiences, I have tried to sum up all those experience in my resume page. I have added some of my favorite links, which I often access in my free time. I have enriched my educational goal page with expressing my educational future plan. At the end I have put my e-mail address for people, who wants to contract me or have any other further question about me. I feel very proud to have opportunity to attend the e-portfolio showcase and represent my little effort infront of everybody.          

LaGuardia Community College
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