ePortfolio Student Scholars

Each semester, the eP Student Scholars Project works with a select group of students to develop their ePortfolios with the support of the eP team and their fellow Scholars. Not only are Scholars learning new technological skills, they are also supported in their efforts to: polish and strengthen the content of their ePortfolios, improve writing and critical thinking skills, and learn to evaluate, revise, complete and present more robust and richer ePortfolios.

The ePortfolio team at the Center for Teaching and Learning continues to provide this exciting opportunity in coordination with participating faculty , who nominate their students to be ePortfolio Scholars. At the end of each semester, the Scholars’ ePortfolios share the honor and privilege of being showcased on the Scholars’ Gallery page of the ePortfolio website.

Visit the eP Student Scholars Gallery.

The ePortfolio Scholars Project participants will receive a certificate of completion, recognition as an ePortfolio Scholar and awards that include:





Oscar Cortes



Phone: 718-482-5407 or eportfolio@lagcc.cuny.edu

Open Lab Hours in B-121: Click here to view the schedule.



Take a look at some featured ePortfolios from our last program in Fall 2014: