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The new interface offers students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to create and build more powerful ePortfolios customizing them in unique ways. Learn about what the new interface offers and its features.

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New Interface Layout

For more information about the terminology used for the new interface layout, please visit our glossary page here.

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What's new on the system by semester

Original Updates

  1. Lock feature on navigation slides
  2. Alt text for images
  3. Double Click rich text module to edit
  4. Content on page locked in place
  5. Ability to see the grid layout
  6. Auto re-size of modules
  7. Module icons Attached to the side of the module and move with the page as you scroll.

Recent Updates

  1. Image as clickable link (able to open in new window)
  2. Crop and rotate images (during upload only)
  3. Creating a carousel of images/video/audio files that rotate
  4. Auto play—play speed of gallery (scrolling)
  5. Thumbnails orientation / layout
  6. Ability to add captions to media files
  7. Replace / add more images
  8. Grid view of gallery (to reorder images)
  9. Full screen mode
  10. Download link (allows for download of original file)
  11. File settings for each media file (you don't need to click each image to bring them up)
  12. Videos in the gallery can have subtitles added to them, they can be broken up into chapters, there's a URL for the video and a direct download option.

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