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Welcome to my E-Portfolio

My name is Paola Dalmonech. I was born and raised in Italy until I decided to come to New York to learn English. After a year, I applied to CUNY University, and here I am. LaGuardia Community College is a great experience to me. I am enrolled in Childhood Education and I currently have 50 credits. Being an International student is not so easy especially because I am the only one who lives in the U.S. among all my family and relatives. However, I feel comfortable and extremely happy to be in this school.

This semester I began my second internship at P.S.51, which is an Elementary School located in Manhattan. I am observing a fifth grade class. I think it is going to be very interesting because the teacher seems to be very talented. In addition, I am very excited to study and observe the educational system of this country because I can compare it with my personal school experience back in Italy.

Since I was in High School, I’ve always been surrounded by young learners. After the first year I spent in New York, I went back to my hometown where I had the opportunity to work for a couple of months as a substitute English teacher in an elementary school. It was a marvelous experience; that is the reason why I came back to America to study Childhood Education. Here at LaGuardia, I have been working as an Italian Tutor for the ELA Department for three semesters already. I strongly believe that  this type of job is fascinating and truly rewarding. I am very excited in studying Education and I hope my dream of teaching English in Italy will soon become true. In the following pages you will find my resume, my educational philosophy and seminar. Come and join me!

LaGuardia Community College
31-10 Thomson Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101