Assessment Resources

This page offers resources for faculty members whose classes are designated to submit assessment artifacts via the Digication platform. The ePortfolio program continues to update this section of the website with updated content and new resources for faculty and students.

Download the Assessment Depsiting Handout.

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There are four simple ways faculty can help students complete the assessment depositing process. They can:

  • Request a workshop and a staff member will come to your class to help your students deposit their work. Click here to access the form.

Note: For faculty teaching a First Year Seminar (FYS) course, the Student Success Mentor (SSM) will conduct the assessment depositing during the Studio Hour. Faculty are encouraged to connect with their SSM ahead of time in case any questions arise. Click here for more information.

  • Send students to open labs on campus normally scheduled during the last week of classes and during finals’ week at different timeslots to reach day and evening students. Click here to see the schedule and share it students.
  • Share resources with students so that they can deposit their work on their own. All they need to know is the assignment they need to deposit and the competency/ability it goes under. Share this quick guide or this video tutorial with them.
  • Deposit student's work. If faculty choose to, they can also submit student work to the assessment area by following this guide.
  • Direct students to the ePortfolio office in MB-57 and to the website for additional resources and support
  • Getting students’ presentations videotaped and uploaded to assessment (PDF)

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STEP 1: Speak to your students about this process. It’s important for faculty to make students aware of this to understand the process and the logistics behind. To this end, feel free to:

  • Share the rationale above about outcomes assessment and the role depositing plays in the process.
  • Request a one-on-one training demonstration to guide you through the steps for depositing. Fill out the form here.
  • Share this handout with your students that explains the Core Competencies and Communication Abilities.
  • Review this quick guide and follow the steps so that you can check the Competencies and Abilities have properly been set up for your course.

STEP 2: Share resources with them. Once you’ve informed your students about the assessment process and have checked that this information has been set up for your course, share the following resources with students:

  • A quick guide for students to deposit assignments to the assessment area (this includes ePortfolio pages, regular files, or media assignments)

STEP 3: Review the artifacts submitted. Familiarize yourself with the assessment section before your students deposit work, and check to be sure your students have completed this process by accessing this quick guide to help you confirm that your students have deposited their work.

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For additional information about assessment, faculty and staff can visit the Assessment website at:

For questions about overall purpose of the assessment process or the designation of a course to a particular Core Competency or Communication Ability, please contact the Faculty Co-Directors of the Assessment Leadership Team:

Professor Justin Rogers-Cooper
(718) 482-5913

Professor Regina Lehman
(718) 482-5775

For questions about scheduling an assessment workshop, resources for faculty or students, and for scheduling a one-on-one training demonstration for faculty, please contact the following ePortfolio staff:

Oscar Cortes

Frehiwot Leyeh

Pablo Avila