Assignment Template Library

The ePortfolio Assignment Template Database is a resource for all faculty and staff who are interested in creating assignments and exercises related to a course, service, or extracurricular activity. One benefit of creating an assignment as an ePortfolio "template" is that students can import the template directly into their personal ePortfolio, ensuring that your directions will be in front of them while they complete each stage of the assignment. Many templates also include models of a completed student assignment that your students can view to understand how to complete your assignment successfully. Like the Learning Matters Assignment Library (LMAL), the ePortfolio templates are listed by discipline and course, and tagged with the college competencies and abilities they assess, when relevant.

We hope you will adapt versions of these templates to your needs, or use them as inspiration for developing or revising your assignments. When you have created a new assignment template that works well for you and your students, please consider submitting it to so that it can be added to this resource!

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